Tuesday, 16 September 2014

MSC Lakeside Sprint Triathlon-3'rd OA

My race in lakeside was my final triathlon of the season, and was a nice way to wrap up the season.  My main competitors Lionel Sanders (The colonel as I have heard him called...or as the Danosaur calls him, Sandburgers...) and Cody Beals (no nicknames I know of yet) were also racing the Sprint, and this made for a pretty competitive race.  


Race morning on Saturday was probably the worst weather I have had this season (it was super cold and pouring rain).  After a cold race in Edmonton (where I had cramping issues and DNF), I decided it would be wise to wear a bit more than just a thin tri-suit (us skinny folk get cold fast).  I re-searched a few options, and decided to cut out a piece of an emergency blanket to tuck under my suit (to protect from wind, and give some insulation).  Although a bit crinkly, I would highly recommend this in cold weather, and I would definitely do it again.   
This is what convinced me to try the blanket cutout...


I had been out of the water for the two weeks leading into the race (post season recovery of sorts), so I got a good warm up in, and hoped for the best.  I didn't swim great, but it wasn't awful.  I was fourth out of the water right behind Angela Quick, and maybe 30 seconds behind the leaders.  


Okay, I have a bit of a confession to make...it's a bit embarrassing but I'm sure you, my faithful blog readers will understand.  I may have forgot I was wearing swim goggles, and may have left them on for the bike ride...I didn't notice until I was already in aero, and there was no way to take them off without stopping, so I just kept going.  Ya...it was kinda weird.
Ya...this happened

The bike was cold, and I was glad I had my insulating layer on (and maybe even glad I had the goggles on....ok not really).  I though I was riding decently until Lionel caught up and passed be like I was standing still.  Turns out I road okay, but Lionel was just on another level and flew through that bike course.  I came into T2 third with Michael Murray (another fast swim/biker) and then went off to run.


With the weather being what it was (freezing cold), I had a fun time getting my shoes on with frozen hands.  Eventually I got going, and was greeted by a mud covered, pothole laden road.  Lionel and Cody were kinda far ahead, so I just held on for third.  I didn't get any abdomen cramping (potentially because of foil layer), but both my calves tightened right up.  Luckily, it wasn't too severe, and I didn't have to stop.

Post Race

It is always great racing with other high level competitors, especially when it is an Ontario race.  The Multisport Canada Triathlon Series has really supported us up and coming athletes the past few years, and it has brought in a good competitive field for local races.  Its awesome mixing it up with other high level athletes who are stronger than myself, and it's always cool catching up with them after the race.
A big thanks also goes out to eLoad who has supported me for the last couple seasons, and helped me out with my nutrition (training and racing).  Great people, great product :)

With another triathlon season in the books, I am turning my attention back to training and school (maybe I should say school and training).  I am going to be racing XC with YorkU, and also swimming with the YorkU team.
School wise, I am starting on my Masters in Fitness Science.  It promises to be an exiting program, and should provide some really cool opportunities (like testing the Leafs this week).

And of course, where would I be without all my awesome blog readers.  Huge thanks for following along and checking out my progress this year.  I'll be back racing next season for sure, so be sure to keep an eye out for my race reports.  I will also have some other cool posts popping up this offseason, so be sure to check in from time to time.
That about wraps it up.  Happy off-season!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Wasaga Beach Sprint Triathlon (Turned Duathlon)- 1'st OA 57:57

I have raced in Wasaga the past three years, and this was to be my fourth year at the event.  My first ever race at Wasaga was a picture perfect day: the sun was shining, the water was flat...a bikini contest was going on...things were good.  Unfortunately, the good times could not last, and we have had three straight years of bad weather for the event.  There was the monsoon two years ago, rain last year, and no swim this year (wind).  So considering that the sun was out on Sunday, I wasn't too upset that the swim was cancelled, because honestly, there has been worse situations.

Wavy Wasaga-NO SWIM


After my race in Edmonton (where it has since started snowing), I was ready for some down time.  I took the whole week leading into the race off training, and also did some other things that I don't always have the energy for in race season (like play a round of golf Saturday night...followed by some badminton).  Probably not the best thing to do before a race (my back was kinda tight), but I was taking a pretty relaxed approach to the whole thing.

Golfing in style

My brother Dan (the original Danosaur) was also out racing again this weekend.  He is getting more comfortable with the sport, and he always seems to be having a good time.

Danosaur's can't fly, but they can jump 

Run 1

I've only ever done one other duathlon (2 years ago in Wasaga), where I made the mistake of going out way to hard on the first run.  Du's are kinda tricky because it's way too easy to go out hard (since the legs are fresh), which results in a miserable bike and second run.

Leading out the run

I lead out the field, and set the pace at a steady fast tempo (at least for me...the other guys were breathing kinda hard).  I kept things in control, and didn't try to run away from anyone (since my only real goal was to cross the timing mat first).  I put in a bit of an acceleration to cross the mat ahead of Aaron De Jong, and then trotted off to transition.

Just a small acceleration


Aaron actually beat me out of transition (I was definitely slacking), but I passed him at maybe 400m into the bike.  I went by him pretty fast, which is probably why he shouted over he would see me at the finish (I must look pretty intimidating on my bike).  I just road steady (steady as in 40km/h average speed) and didn't put myself under any pressure to ride any harder.

My "I'm coming for you" face

Run 2      

I came off the bike feeling pretty fresh, and had one final duathlete to chase down (the actual duathlon started 3 minutes ahead of the triathlete duathlon).  I passed Scott Finch maybe 500 metres into the run (and reassured him I was racing the triathlete duathlon).  

Smooth sailing

It was then smooth sailing all the way to the finish, where I crossed the line first and collected my second overall win of the season (Yaay Andy)!!

Here comes your overall winner

Post Race

After the race, I got the pleasure of meeting Andrew Yorke (4th place finish in triathlon at the Commonwealth Games), who was at the event watching his girlfriend race.  He was super nice and great to talk to.  Cool guy! (I didn't ask for a photo though...next time).

So overall my second ever duathlon went much better than my first, and definitely left a better taste in my mouth that the last one (although I won't be intentionally signing up for one any time soon).  This was my second to last triathlon (well duathlon) for the year with one more race out in Lakeside to finish up the season (although that one will also be a pretty chill race for me).


  A big thanks goes out to Multisport Canada, who as always, puts athletes (and their safety) first, and always puts on a great race (despite the weather).  Thanks also to eLoad for keeping the throat wet on the bike, and also to my friends at Mettle Multisport for the lift up to Wasaga (great club by the way).  Thats it for now, thanks for checking in :)

With Christine and Susan

Friday, 5 September 2014

Edmonton Age Group World Championships-DNF

I'm just getting settled back at home after a week in Edmonton for the Age Group World Championships.  I had been planning on doing this race since July 2013 after my 2'nd place overall at the Toronto Triathlon Festival.  Edmonton was my first "big" race, meaning my first ever out of province race, and my first ever World AG Champs.  I was really hoping for a great race, and my build and taper going in were solid.  Unfortunately this race gave me another first; my first ever DNF.


I flew into Edmonton a week in advance of my race (to adjust to mild altitude and surroundings) with the rest of my family coming along as well.  We stayed at a recently renovated truck stop (Yellowhead Motor Inn), which was clean and very affordable (although being right beside a highway and train-yard was a bit annoying).

I had a pretty relaxed week heading into the race.  I did a few sessions in the awesome Kinsman pool, checked out the race site, watched the mens pro race, and took a lot of public transit, which was free for athletes (and also super sketchy).


Race morning was early (got there at 5:30am) and was kinda cold (you could see your breath).  I wore my recently acquired Mexican vest (flashy pink) as I went through my pre-race routine, and was ready to go at 7:30am for race time.  

Swim: I lined up to the middle left of the pack (which I thought was a good spot).  I went out hard off the gun, but ended up getting run over by a ton of other swimmers.  Coach Brent wasn't kidding when he said I should be prepared to battle (quite literally).  After nearly drowning on the first lap, I finished the swim (kinda far back), and made my way to the bike.  

Bike: I had to make up some time, so I went out pretty hard (and kept up the effort).  The course was suited to my riding, and I managed to put together the days second fastest ride (and get back in the race).  I had passed about 20 people, and got myself up into the top 10 (may have been top 5).  

Run: I was starting the run with about four other guys, and was going at an ok pace.  I wasn't feeling great, but I really ran into trouble about 1km in.  It started as a small cramping pain in the lower left abdomen, which quickly developed into a large cramping pain (which I couldn't shake).  This then spread up into the chest, and pretty much spelled disaster for my race.  I hobbled through the first lap of the course (getting passed by almost everybody), and decided to call it in at the turnaround point.

Calling it a day

Post Race

With this being my first ever DNF, I'm not too upset (maybe a bit disappointed, but not super upset).  I did everything right heading into the race, and ran into a totally unforeseen issue (at this point I'm saying it was the cold). I'm not left injured or burnt out, and this will totally give me some good motivation to train hard for next season.

Big thanks goes out to my family who travelled with me to Edmonton, my coaches (who kept me in check going into the race), Multisport Canada (who I have been racing with all summer), eLoad (for keeping me fuelled), and of course to all my wonderful blog readers (THATS YOU!!! if you made it this far :)  
I am planning on tossing in a few more MSC races this season to finish the tri season, and then transition to running cross country with York in the fall.  Thats it for now...thanks for checking in.

The Danosaur in action