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I have been meaning to get to this for a while now, but I wanted to have a section on my blog where my readers could read a bit more about me (if the blog posts are enough for you, just stop here).  Now, instead of just spitting out some quick facts to make myself look good, I got my mummy to write a few paragraphs for me instead.  Definitely the more embarrassing option, but hopefully the more insightful and enjoyable option as well. 

At the end of high school, triathlon found Andrew Bolton.  He eats and breathes swimming, biking, and running.  His university studies complement his participation in the sport.  He even "likes" training.  Andrew is a coach for his dad, and a mentor for his younger brother Daniel.  Triathlon is the sport that Andrew has chosen to excel in.

Andrew was walking at the age of 9 months and was running at 9 months and 3 days.  He has never stopped.  Now instead of yelling at him to slow down, I am yelling at him to go faster.  He was swimming and biking in the very early months as well.  At least now he puts his face in the water and ,instead of riding his four wheeled red fire truck, he rides a very fast Cervelo.  He was a born athlete, just the toys have changed.

Why triathlon?  It could have been any sport.  Andrew played baseball, volleyball, ran cross country, and skied.  The one thing that we knew for sure was that his sport of choice would have to be fast.  Triathlon is fast times three.  What could be more challenging than that.

Andrew is strong in mind, body, and soul.  He is well rounded and gifted not only in sport, but in academics, music, woodworking, and arts.  He is a wonderful son, great brother, good friend, and good sport.

Written by: Colleen Bolton

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