Wednesday 9 July 2014

Andy finally gets a win!! Huronia sprint triathlon

I was out racing the MSC Huronia sprint triathlon this past weekend.  For regular followers of my blog, you will know I have had quite a run of second place finishes (seven in a row to be exact).  This past weekend however, I finally broke the streak as I got my first overall win in a couple years (in my first ever sprint race).  It wasn't a particularly competitive race or an exceptional time, but considering I was training through the event, I am definitely pleased with the result.  Here are a few more details about the race (Triathlon Magazine Canada race recap)


I didn't really see any swimmers I knew were fast at the race, so I figured I wouldn't have a problem leading out of the water.  Turns out I was wrong, and ended up getting smoked by super swimmer Brett Saunders.  I was back a bit further than I wanted to be (and didn't know if this guy was a fast cyclist or not).  


I saw super swimmer Brett up the road, and put in a bit of extra effort to catch up.  I got into the lead in only a few km, and just held my effort steady for the rest of the 20km.  I had ridden hard the day before the race, so I didn't know if my legs would be feeling great for the hilly and windy sections that made up the course.  I would say it was a solid effort...(medium effort...?)


With a pretty good lead off the bike, I found a nice tempo pace and got into a good running rhythm.  My legs were feeling a bit fatigued at this point, but with only a 5km run, there were no issues.  Crossed the line first and got my first win of the season!

Number 1!


Funny thing this winning...I would probably say I feel a greater sense of accomplishment by pushing myself to the limit and finishing second than cruising to an easy win.  But nothing like a win to get things rolling in the right direction.  In a couple weeks I am off to Magog for the Age Group National Champs.  I'll be getting nice and tapered up for this one, so expect a good hard race.  Lets keep this win streak going!!

Thanks goes out to Multisport Canada, eLoad, and to my awesome coaches, friends and family!

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