Monday 25 February 2013

Andy's Reading Week

Today marks the final day of my 2013 reading week, so I thought I would give a quick re-cap of my eventful time off of school.  My reading week was very busy, and consisted of doctor appointments, studying, knitting, and lots of training.

Over the break, I visited three doctors.  The first doctor was my dentist, Dr. Bourke.  You never really get good news at the dentist, so this was probably my least favourite doctor trip.  You could say though, that her message to brush more got through...

This should count, right...?
My second doctor trip was to the Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Zarnett to examine the healing of my stress fracture.  We took some more x-rays (I've had a lot of these), and Dr. Zarnett determined it was pretty much healed.  To be on the safe side, he wants me to wait one more month before resuming running, which would put me at about 6 months off running.  I'll be good running for the next month even though I feel great.

My third and final doctor trip was to my favourite doctor, "Doctor Laffa".  You may be wondering which type of doctor this is, but you would never guess.  Dr. Laffa is my favourite shawarma restaurant, and serves the most authentic Mediterranean food around.  Everything is homemade, and my order of falafel, wrapped in a laffa with lots of great vegetable toppings, was amazing.  This was definitely the best doctor to visit to end off reading week.

My other reading week adventures included a nine day long "tour de sufferlandria",where I pushed myself through hard cycling workouts every day (The doctor did say to bike as much as I could).  It was tough, and I wouldn't have made it if my younger brother Dan wasn't there riding as well (he also finished the tour....not bad for a twelve year old).
I also put in some hours towards my knitting project. I was able to finish the back panal, and get started on the front.  I encountered a bit of difficulty early on in the front and had to pull out some of my hard work (I like to call these "knitting adventures"...sometimes they can lead to things like punching holes in doors).  Heres a look at what I have finished so far:

Looks good
Oh, and I did do a bit of reading over reading week....a bit...

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