Friday 28 December 2012

Money Falling From the Sky

Oh Hey!...Remember me...?  I know we haven't seen too much of each other this past little while, but I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you.  In fact, I was dreaming of our glorious reunion only the other night, you and me, together again.  The reason for our time apart....?  No it wasn't was me.  I've just been busy...thats all...very busy...a bit preoccupied so to say.  With what you ask?  Well its complicated, and somewhat painful to recount...but...I suppose for old times sake, you deserve an explanation.  It all began with....

Hope you enjoyed that little bit of creativity, which was thought up late at night over a large cup of herbal tea.  This top section was meant to serve as an imaginary conversation between myself and my running shoes.  Its been roughly three months since I have been out for a run due to my injury in the fall, but fortunately my condition is improving.  I headed to the hospital last week to get an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to check that everything in my leg is all healed up and ready to go.  It should be another couple weeks until I get the results, but hopefully I will be cleared to lace up my shoes and head out for some beautiful winter runs.

Just before heading into the MRI

Speaking of winter, it is probably safe to say that winter is my favourite season.  Although winter brings snow, which effectively ends the outdoor riding season, there are many redeeming factors about winter.  To start (and also to explain the title), snow accumulation is perfect for my winter job of shovelling driveways.  I tend to have anywhere between three to six regular clients in my snow shovelling business, and in good winter seasons, I can make a fair amount of money clearing their driveways.  Our first real snowfall occurred only a couple of days ago, but it was enough to keep me busy for about four hours in the morning clearing a total of seven driveways (snowfalls tend to turn me into a tireless snow shovelling machine by the way).  Apart from being a fantastic workout, it also brought in a nice profit of around $100, which will help me to absorb the cost of some of my new gear.  Check out this picture below for how reflective my new jacket is:)

"Lightbulb Jacket"

Apart from being super stylish and reversible, this jacket is also perhaps one of the most reflective pieces of clothing available to consumers.  It is a great way to stay visible to cars on dark winter runs, and should help keep me safe during low light training sessions (to the relief of my safety conscious mom).

Winter is also a great time of the year, as school takes a break, we celebrate Christmas, and finally we celebrate my birthday on the 31'st of December.  I turn 21 this year (there might be a special birthday swim set to make to occasion).
The swim team at York has also started their winter training camp, which should provide me with more than enough opportunity to make up for the two days off of swimming on Christmas and boxing day (I still got in biking both of those days though).

We'll talk soon (you readers and my running shoes).  Happy New Year


  1. I love your new jacket and wish I had one like that for cycling. Where did you get it?

    1. Nike outlet store at Vaughan mills

      regular $400, I paid $125

  2. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Your twenty one
    Triathon is fun!

    We love our son that runs.
    Mom and Dad
    p.s. go get it done.