Tuesday 18 September 2012


After racing in the Elite Age Group of the Multisport triathlon series this year, you may recognize my name from awards presentations (possible), my race bib (less likely) or Sportstats (my name is close to the top, so quite possible).  If you are still trying to link a name to a face, it is far more likely that you would remember Francesca, who is far better looking than myself (yes I have a name for my bike).  After my second full season of racing in which I saw a huge improvement, I have decided to start blogging about my triathlon endeavours.
Unlike many of the other EAG triathletes who started out in one of the three sports, I grew up playing baseball, and then switched to jumping mountain bikes in high school.  During my final year of high school, I was influenced by some of my teachers to pick up cycling, and I took to riding my grandfathers old road bike.  
Not that long ago...
Soon after, I bought a specialized carbon road bike, and never looked back (I still ride old blue, but just to commute).  I had a great 2012 season, and am hoping to train hard and do well in the future.  
Hopefully I can talk about something interesting and get at least a few people to read my posts and (maybe I'm pushing it here) get some comments (apart from those other EAG guys trying to get the inside edge on me).        

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